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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that goes into delivering a quality podcast.

It’s a safe bet that you didn’t start a podcast to spend all of your time editing, mixing, mastering, and publishing. Recording a podcast is only the start to delivering a quality end product. That’s where Audio Above can help.

We provide ‘sound of mind’ services so that you can focus on what you do best (& why you created a podcast in the first place) … creating & capturing powerful content for your audience! 

What We Provide

Peace of Mind

  • Sound Design – adding the music & sounds that help shape your story
  • Mixing – Making sure the levels of the various parts of your recording sound great together
  • Editing – Cleaning up your audio to remove the “umms” and “uhhs”, background noises, and anything else that distracts from your message
  • Mastering – Compressing, EQ-ing, and processing your finished audio to produce a final, polished product

We’re committed to providing you the support you need so you can spend your time focusing on capturing incredible content for your audience!

Record your audio and leave the rest to us!

Some of Our Work

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Some of Our Clients

For Leaders Global Podcast

For Leaders Global Podcast

Stand Out Life

Stand Out Life

GiANT Leadership Podcast

GiANT Leadership Podcast



Recording the podcast is the easy part for me. It’s everything else that I am not wired to do that I find overwhelming. Enter the team at Audio Above. We are delighted by their incredible quality work, timely turnarounds, and superior client communication. The work is, in fact, so good we have been referring them without being asked.

As a podcast host, having Audio Above in our corner has taken the “guesswork out of the tech work.” We know that when we have the who done, the rest will be done above expectations. Often we get told we have to choose between speed, quality, and the level of attention and expertise people pay to their work. Not so with the team at Audio Above – they live up to their name. We have enjoyed quality work on our podcast, quick turnaround times, and excellent communication with reasonable and honest rates.

Rohan Dredge, Host, For Leaders Global Podcast

The burden of mixing, editing and mastering our podcast has been lifted by Audio Above. We literally send the recordings and they create all the magic in a timely manner with superb standards. I recommend this company 100% because of their responsiveness, professionalism and expertise in delivering the highest quality product every time. Thanks Josiah for all the time you have saved us and for your world-class work!

Tracy Rader, Director of Implementation, GiANT

Who Is Audio Above?

Audio Above was founded in 2020 by Josiah Ediger after graduating with a BS in Audio Production from Middle Tennessee State University.

Josiah is an audio engineer specializing online media, podcasts, and composition/mixing within the video game industry. He loves working with a team to help create and shape immersive audio experiences and high quality soundscapes to accent content.

Josiah Ediger

Josiah Ediger

Founder, Audio Above